Australia Jab Injuries – Susan – From Australia

Australia Jab Injuries – Susan – From Australia

By Jab Injuries Global


My mum — Susan Stead. She had her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on October 20th 2021 — mandated by her job that she was retiring to after two years battling blood cancer. By October 22nd 2021, forty-eight hours later, she bang acting strangely, acting out of character, and displaying dementia like symptoms. When the symptoms became severe, I called an ambulance. She was eventually found to have “delirium from sinus,” which I knew was not the case. I pushed for more testing, many they refused to complete due to her cancer journey. They then threw her into the psych ward with many others that apparently had symptoms after having the vaccine. She remains there now, weeks later, and she is refusing all medications they are giving her because it’s not a mental issue. It’s neurological damage and I feel she knows that in her heart. They are refusing to discharge her until she “complies with treatment.” I’m hearing of many others in the same boat and even had a nurse tell me: “So many people are here for similar reasons.”

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