Canada Jab Injuries – Kate – From Thamesford, Ontario, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Kate – From Thamesford, Ontario, Canada

By Jab Injuries Global

Kate – Thamesford, Ontario, Canada

I am a single income household and on September 25th 2021, I was forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine. My symptoms began immediately:

— Dizziness;

— Squeezing chest pain and pressure;

— Sharp chest pains;

— Rapid heart beat while resting;

— Rapid heart beat when exerting myself;

— Severe shortness of breath even when resting;

— Tingling in the back of my head, neck, face, arms, and legs;

— Extreme muscle weakness for the first month and a half post-vaccine. I could only get up three or four steps before stopping to rest;

— Rash on my face, neck, and chest;

— Pain in my lower legs;

— Pains in my head and headaches;

— Numbness in my arms, legs, and lower back; and,

— Fatigue.

I have been to emergency three times, seen an immunologist, internist, and soon a few more specialists. I have been prescribed prednisone, beta blockers, and nitro spray.

It’s coming up to three months and there are days where I want to go to the emergency room but don’t bother.

Without an exemption or a second dose, I will lose my job.

I was a healthy, active thirty-nine year old. It was reported but I am not hopeful about an exemption.

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