A Jab Is a Deadly Mistake

A Jab Is a Deadly Mistake

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Those foolish enough to go and get a jab thinking it means lockdowns will end are dreaming.

All you’ve done is guaranteed lockdowns won’t end to 2025 , the time on average it takes to die from these deadly experimental drugs ( according to Doctors and Scientists that have researched them )

Some of the smartest brains on the planet are saying don’t take it including former Pfizer Executives and even the inventor of the mmRNA vaccines.

– so why do you think your local tv idiot Box presenter or idiot Health Minister knows best ?
So don’t be so easily fooled or manipulated.

These Covid fraudsters took your freedoms , then lie to you that you can get them back if you take a deadly experiment drug that killing thousands daily around the world and tens of thousands injured for life a day .

A jab is a deadly mistake

I’ve warned and warned so many

Wake the f… up

Read some real news www.anrnews.com and turn off the idiot box before you become a fully blown idiot.

Here;s what others had to say:

Uyen Ly
They are all brainwashed by the propaganda on the TV. There are advertisements with football players trying to brainwash kids and supporters into getting jabbed.

Donna Bowen
You know it’s going to happen

Uyen Ly
It’s happening in Vietnam

Paul Jackson
Spot on

Trudell Clark
Yes Jamie, you have been warning everyone for quite awhile.

Paul Collins
They will drop like flies in the next 3 to 5 years 😢. Pray for their souls as many of our family members and friends are among them

Eaoe Jake Wilson
Jamie McIntyre In your own time have a look and read but I sent through a message on messenger

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