Brad Health Hazzard

Brad Health Hazzard

By Australian National Review

This is what you are wanting of our teenagers.

I think you have a few issues.
It’s called “Rape”
Penetration without consent

Pick on someone your own size Mr Brad Hazzard.

I predict your fate.

Here’s what others had to say:

Chris Griffiths
As parents, we protect our children at all costs. This is sickening. I couldn’t watch all of it. The poor teenager must know her fate will be.

Tammy PT
If you put that mother in front of me… God help her. You are meant to protect YOUR child. WTF is wrong with you!!!! So distressing.

Deborah Singer
This is what our country has become.

Paul Jones
How can people sit back & film this? This is nothing but pure evil.

Nicola Price
This ‘new normal’ is not stopping with just CoV-Sars-19 and its vax. The proposed multiplex tests (to take over from the PCR tests) ensure the corona vax will just be the first of many, many more vax’s that will be required if one wishes to live in existing communities.
Dr Sam Bailey states:
“Instead of testing for 1 reported pathogen in a sample Multiplex PCR will be rolled out purporting to diagnose a range of infectious diseases from a single sample including
Influenza virus A
influenza B
PIV type 1
PIV type 3
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Chlamydia pneumoniae
In other words get ready for more casedemics based on more testing.
it is seemingly part of a trend to eliminate clinicians and real microbiologists from the diagnostic process and a move towards minimally trained technicians and mass automated PCR and if there are plenty of cases then there will be calls for more bogus vaccines including a triple shot gene therapy already in the pipeline.
There is only 1 way to stop this nonsense and that is to stop going along with what they claim are tests for infection. The PCR simply amplifies target genetic material. Thats it.”

Simon J Robinson
What don’t they understand about NO. I could only watch a few seconds this made me physically sick and very angry.

Matty Rogers
STAND UP AUSTRALIA!!!! Are we gonna let this happen to our kids? “FUCK NO” I SAY!

Maria Caparello
ffs how can a parent allow this to happen to their child. this is child abuse this shit has to stop

Jay Steinhardt
Health hazzard needs a public hanging.

Scarlett Isabella
Child abuse plain and clear to see unfortunately ppl are so brainwashed that they see not.

Michelle Thompson
This is so distressing to watch. No means No.

Penny Michael
This people are criminals what sort of a mother is she to put her daughter through that.

Erin Nice
Absolutely devastating, this poor girl is visibly distraught and clearly is saying “please no”, over and over .

TheWalrus Temming
Man as a father of 2 daughters that was so hard to watch. Fucking shameful.

Julia Milisavljevic
I know teenagers In Sydney who are Voluntarily the booking their jabs online with a big smile on their face.

Ellie Aires
Couldn’t watch it made me feel sick and heartbroken for this poor girl. Deranged people allowing it to happen. Hope they rot in hell. Oh wait …… they already will.

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