If You Have an Employer Pressuring You To Partake in a Rushed to Market, Unproven, Dangerous, and Deadly Experimental Drug….

If You Have an Employer Pressuring You To Partake in a Rushed to Market, Unproven, Dangerous, and Deadly Experimental Drug….

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If you have an employer pressuring you to partake in a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a va…,

Don’t resign.

Make them put it in writing.

If you resign you lose.

Force them to sack you.

Then you can sue them for a small fortune.

Plenty of class action lawyers that will take your case,

Or you’ll be put off ,on paid leave.

Never be bullied into committing effective suicide by taking a jab. Stand up for you and your family.
Take it and you’ll be to sick to keep a job for long .

If I had an employee that dared threaten me with such a act.

Oh boy, would I love that,as I would destroy them, and take them for every cent they had then take them to the human rights commission and not stopped to they were jailed.

Don’t be fooled or intimated by weak dodgy bosses or bureaucrats or sell out dead beat politicians earning large Pfizer bonus’s for every jab delivered and every lockdown enacted.

Any employer making people take a jab is going to prison in the future.

Enjoy taking them to the cleaners
Take a stand against Covid fraudsters
It’s only weak minded humans that

1. Fall for such a fraud

2. That support such a fraud

Weak minded people will be the first in the herd culled
And crazily, lining up to join the death cult club , like it’s some trendy new nightspot

That’s the power of the idiot box and social media to manipulate people even some so called intelligent people that are having a moment of weakness and madness

Do not be a weak minded loser
They are the first to be eliminated by the Globalists

Australian National Review


News media that isn’t trying to push you to commit suicide for the big bucks

Here’s what others had to say:

Penny Michael
Does any one know about these kids they where given the experimental vaccines three of them died and two are in coma someone have shared that information from overseas The majority of people are in hospital are the ones being vaccinated the media does not tell us the truth

Debbie Hyde
My employer says its coming from health dept/government & printed off from the website where it says as of Aug 30 any

Simon J Robinson
Same mine is a government job, what would in your opinion be the best thing to say to them to have it in writing. I already have the other questions you posted about asking them by not saying you refuse to have the vaxx. I’m already on leave without pay since October last yr and that was only because I can’t medically ware a mask which they know about but have no where they are able to place me due to the job I do. I want to sue for damages but not sure is I have a leg to stand on at the moment but sure will if they bring in the vaxx

Matt Jenkins
What happens if your employer is the government?

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