Jamie McIntyre Says “I Will Never Support Any Vaccine Extremism, and Vaccine Extremists and Their Bullshit Propaganda”

Jamie McIntyre Says “I Will Never Support Any Vaccine Extremism, and Vaccine Extremists and Their Bullshit Propaganda”

By Australian National Review

So many falling hero’s.
Despite hosting Arnie on my stage in the past (2013 in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia) and a former political mentor of mine (I launched the 21st Century Australia Party in 2013, and the Australian National Review
I will never support any vaccine extremism, and vaccine extremists and their bullshit propaganda that a 5-year-old could see through.

Even for $1 billion in cash I still wouldn’t sell humanity down the drain, by spruiking, dodgy experimental drugs.

Many of us that are honourable men, will rather die with honour than ever join the vaccine death cult herd.
We will never take a death shot – so please bring it on.

Let’s see who the real heroes are, verse the gutless sell-outs, and weak-minded, easiest bought, and manipulated souls.

Warning to all the false prophets out there, you are exposing yourself finally without realising, dodgy politicians and dodgy tv celebrities and presenters.

If you do not denounce this insane, ludicrous, unnecessary, unproven, ineffective, dangerous and deadly Global medical Experiment disguised as a vaccine-
Then your day of reckoning is coming much faster than you gutless cowards can imagine.

You will be judged by history –

I call upon all men and women of honour, to speak the truth now, loudly and clearly.
Those that support the Covid fraud though –

God have mercy on their soul, as what is coming to them because of their naive, gutless, weak-minded souls, is exactly what they deserve.

Every Global citizen has a right to defend themselves, and their family against vaccine extremists, and the vaccine orgy of sales and vaccine death and injury from them, going on right now, and the dangers they now are to a civilised society.

May I suggest the nutters are in the house?

It’s time to act accordingly.

Here’s what others had to say:

Daniel Ohall
Arnie is very disappointing. Probably shares in the drug companies. Kudos to you for having honor, that is a very rare commodity these days honor.

Lance R Frizzell
Yes mate, so many people I thought had a conscience haven’t ..

Sticka Stix
Well said mate.
True leaders shine in times like this.

Brendan Roach
Sounds like Andy Forrest is up for a challenge J Mac.

Marty Stoppard
Wow.. very disappointing.
I didn’t think Twiggy would go down that road.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/jamie-mcintyre-says-i-will-never-support-any-vaccine-extremism-and-vaccine-extremists-and-their-bullshit-propaganda/

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