Should You Continue To Pay Taxes to Our Sell Out Governments?

Should You Continue To Pay Taxes to Our Sell Out Governments?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The Government has locked us down.

Should we lock them down?

Should you continue to pay taxes to our sell-out Governments?

Or should we all go on strike?

And perhaps we should stop funding Governments, that are no longer serving us but serving their Globalist masters.

Should you continue to work for the Government or start nationwide strikes.

They want to bring you and me to our knees.

Why not bring them to their knees and remind them whose country this is?

Here’s what others had to say:

Jody Kelly
“Walk Off” Australia
Strike Strike Strike
Set a date!!

Paul Callender
100% agree. If the govt has ordered lock downs and are stopping people and businesses from working then the taxes should also come to a stop. No GST no fuel tax no liquor tax no rego etc etc. it all should stop.

Margaret Ross
They are pepper spraying people and shooting rubber pellets at them in Melbourne.

Mark Fiederlein
And let’s not forget the arsenal of weaponry they left them to say..
Cheers with…

Steve Brookes
It’s all well and good telling us we need to get out of big cities etc, but where exactly are we supposed to go?
There is nowhere we can hide, there is nothing we can do with the military and police force against us. It feels like all hope is lost.

David Smedley
Absolutely brilliant love the idea, fu.k the government they are criminals working under the deep state.

Dana Randall
Rubber bullets shot at peaceful protesters in Melb. Foreign looking UN military deployed ..

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