Kim Iversen: Lockdowns for Life? Bill Gates Reveals Alarming Plan To Prevent Future Pandemics

Kim Iversen: Lockdowns for Life? Bill Gates Reveals Alarming Plan To Prevent Future Pandemics

By The Hill

Kim Iversen weighs in on Bill Gates’ plans to combat the next pandemic.

According to the CDC risk for covid increases steadily as you age, and it’s not just those over the age of 65 who are at increased risk for severe illness.

The CDC says A person is fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving all recommended doses in the primary series of their COVID-19 vaccination. A person is up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible. Getting a second booster is not necessary to be considered up to date at this time.

According to the CDC people who were unvaccinated and did not have prior COVID-19 infection remain at the highest risk of infection and hospitalization. Those who were previously infected, both with or without prior vaccination, had the greatest protection.

According to Pfizer and the CDC, potential side effects from the vaccine include pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. Other side effects could include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, fever, chills, and nausea. In rare cases, people have experienced serious health events after the COVID-19 vaccination. Any health problem that happens after vaccination is considered an adverse event. An adverse event can be caused by the vaccine or can be caused by a coincidental event not related to the vaccine.

According to the CDC layered prevention strategies — like staying up to date on vaccines and wearing masks — can help prevent severe illness and reduce the potential for strain on the healthcare system. Wear a mask with the best fit, protection, and comfort for you.

Everyone ages 2 years and older should properly wear a well-fitting mask indoors in public in areas where the COVID-19 Community Level is high, regardless of vaccination status.

Additionally, a study by The Cleveland Clinic found that both previous infection and vaccination provide substantial protection against COVID-19. Vaccination of previously infected individuals does not provide additional protection against COVID-19 for several months, but after that provides significant protection at least against symptomatic COVID-19.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Jeremy Shelman
Why do I feel that getting rid of Bill Gates would be the first step in combatting pandemics?

PNW Sportbike Life
Bill Gates is beyond disturbing, and I don’t want him near anything to do with the government/public health. Dude is a creep.

Anette Waits
…this “pandemic” is the biggest crime to humanity since the Holocaust…and I’am saying this as a German.

Da 2BrodazZ Channel
Protect Kim at all cost, the voice of sanity in an obviously insane world.

sasha belenky
In my opinion, Kim is extremely efficient in dissecting data and presenting reasonable conclusions based on pure logic. It’s such a pleasure to listen to her. Thank you.

Spirit of Worship
Kim Iverson is a national treasure. Please protect her at all costs. We need her intellect and fearlessness in the media for years to come.

How do people not see he’s literally behind EVERYTHING. It’s not like he’s shy about it. He has a stake in everything going on. Cause and reaction

Again, why are we listening to a glorified computer scientist about anything? Just because he’s a billionaire does not mean he should be deciding public health policy. Unbelievable.

USMC 935
We could have saved over 90% of the lives lost by allowing Doctors to treat patients without government intervention.

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