Life Insurance Payout Denied Upon Death by Vaxxination

Life Insurance Payout Denied Upon Death by Vaxxination

By Jim Crenshaw

It did go to court and the judge upheld the insurance companies position that taking “experimental vaccines” is not a covered cause.

Also what is important here is that the judge said the side effects from the vaccine are well known and have been made public. I would of course differ with him. I don’t believe that death was ever listed as a side effect for the vaccine but it doesn’t matter.

Never mind that there was no informed consent they’re saying that this gentleman “willingly” took the vaccine that’s an interesting point it looks as though the judge is covering all the bases for the insurance companies so they don’t have to make out a check to pay for a death due to a vaccine.

Also notice that they did not call this a suicide because under many policies suicide is covered after the first two years of a policy. I noticed they were very careful not to call it suicide. One other thing you might be thinking about is that this was in France but our courts are run under the law of Admiralty and any court case in any country can be used in another country that’s the idea of the law uniform Commercial Code or UCC.

It looks like the insurance companies will have an out one way or another.

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