mRNA Inventor Being Censored for Speaking Out About the Dangers of the Shots – With Dr. Robert Malone

mRNA Inventor Being Censored for Speaking Out About the Dangers of the Shots – With Dr. Robert Malone

By The AJ Roberts Show

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA and DNA technology has recently appeared on the scene worldwide at a rapid rate because of how much he has been speaking out in great length about the dangers of this technology in the vaccines, in particular to young people. He’s been speaking out with so much emphasis that major social media channels and big tech are trying their best to censor him. He has also been strongly advised to get a full time security team in place for his protection.

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Nigel Stuart
And yes “the cafe meet” made both myself and my wife weep. But they were tears of joy. God Bless you son. From an “old: man of nearly 70 wonderful years who has been fighting for “right” for about 60 of those and will do so until my last breath . God bless

Lou Q
Watched this for the second time as there’s so much valuable information contained in it… Awesome interview

Jo Sellers
Great interview clarifying where we are at in a calm informative way.

Ценитель ТЗ
I’d advise using more precise title to avoid accusations of click-baiting or ignorance. Dr. Malone is at most one of the inventors of mRNA-based vaccines. mRNA per se has been around for billions of years, nor was discovered by your interlocutor.

Pablo Tamariz
Great interview, thanks AJ and Dr. Malone, great guy.

Graham Ashley
Watched him on an American blog yesterday, very interesting and informative, absolutely nothing that you will hear on MSM or from the liars that we have running our country.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Wow! The best interview I’ve seen. Thank you for posting this and helping to make our crazy world a better place! God bless!

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