Nigel Farage Reacts to ONS Figures on How Many People Have Died Purely of C0VID

Nigel Farage Reacts to ONS Figures on How Many People Have Died Purely of C0VID

By GBNews

‘We’ve seen again and again, estimates of how bad this crisis could be that are nearly always massively over-exaggerated, but this has really made me sit up and think.’

Nigel Farage reacts to the amount of people who have died purely of Covid since the start of the pandemic.

Here’s what others had to say:

This is criminal, not negligent. Heads need to roll.

Athanasios Markatzis
Isn’t it time for some politicians and scientists to be held accountable for this unbelievable mess?

Political Geek
People need to be held accountable!!

Raivon Scaff
So…, it appears that all this has NEVER been about “protecting people” after all.

Colin Stephenson
It’s not a statistical quirk, it was MP’s deliberately trying to justify their nonsensical policies.

Laura Pearson
The Corona virus act needs to be removed in parliament , because all the restrictions can be implemented again on the whim of these criminals.

Joe Lyndhurst
This is not new. Tin foil hatters were shouting about this in 2020.

I’ve been called a tinfoil hatter for two years now, people have downright rolled their eyes at me for two years.
But the truth always comes to light.
I just can’t believe it took this long.

Graham Dee
I dont know why Nigel is so surprised at this actual covid death figure. As soon as we started counting covid deaths we included anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive covid test. That was done of course to deliberately inflate the figures and obscure the figure that we should have been interested in. Also, Nigel describes every one of those 17,000 deaths a ‘tragedy’. Even thats not true, cos the vast majority of that 17,000 were elderly people. I know that sounds a bit harsh, and for the family and the people who loved them it was no doubt sad, but you cant call the death of an 87 year old a tragedy! (Unless they die in some freak accident or something, but an elderly person dying of some respiratory infection is a very natural timely death).

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