Report From the Global Health Organisation Exposing the WHO and It’s COV Fraud

Report From the Global Health Organisation Exposing the WHO and It’s COV Fraud

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Please don’t let NSW Unhealthy Minister, Brad Health Hazzard, know there has been numerous people struck by lightening in the past, and sadly died.

As he is likely to lock us in our houses for the next decade or two, as it’s true there is a tiny possibility one could die from lightning strike.

And until they bring out a lightening fast vaccine to protect us, and until 80% of us buy the bs propaganda and become little experimental drug junkies, then our civil liberties and human freedoms must be forgotten, and troops placed on the street, and everyone arrested for not wearing a face nappy or daring to talk to a neighbour or post anything contrary to what the nutters on the idiot box sponsored by Pfizer say.

And I’m being serious.

The chance of dying by lightening is much greater than dying of Bs 19 so don’t take it lightly.

And the chance of creating a vaccine to protect you from lightening is much greater than Bs 19 jab.
So take the Health orders from Bill Gates and his vaccine cronies, sorry WHO seriously, and what Brad Health Hazzard kiddie killer says.

It’s true.
Some people have died of lightening strike.

Admittedly they escaped an aged care home, 99 years old, multi co morbitities, flu vaxxed to death, starved, debryrdated , put on a ventilator and relatives banned from seeing them and left to die alone and their death certificate falsified to say “Covid”.
But hey
We need to sell these new lightening vaccines quick and meet our Public Health vaccine sales Targets.

But let’s not let pesky facts get in the way of the truth just like we banned pesky relatives from seeing us murder granny to boost the Covid death numbers, and claim the big bucks $$.

Sick of the Covid fraudsters and their bs.

Smell bullshit.
Something isn’t quite right.

Check out the report from the Global Health Organisation exposing the WHO and it’s Covid fraud.

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Greg Rithwell
Please give me 5 mins with Hazzard. arrogant flog.

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