Sunday Roundup 24th April: This Week’s C0VID Positive News

Sunday Roundup 24th April: This Week’s C0VID Positive News

By Covid Positive News

Happy birthday to the creator of and our friend at COVID-19 Up

The Easter 2022 Covid-related story everyone should be talking about!

Global Covid Narrative Collapsing:

1) Australian government support is the lowest ever recorded.

2) Australia removes vaccine, mask and isolation rules.

3) Germany gives up on mandatory vaccines.

4) Spain and Israel end mask mandates and Brazil ends Covid.

5) No more inhaling microplastics.

6) Poland refuses to pay for more vaccines.

Growing Movement for Freedom:

7) Lawsuit voids CDC’s transport mask mandate.

8) More doctors are covertly fighting Covid-19 vaccines.

9) Comedy video about ludicrous masks and narrative.

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

10) Inspiring Dr. Robert Malone video about the great awakening.

11) Vaxxed 2 and other free quality documentaries.

12) Moving Tip of the Iceberg Art Exhibition Video.

Community in Covid Times:

13) Easter message: Let’s recover and come back ready.

14) GAPS Diet Coach for gut health and healing with food.

15) Life Coach for overcoming anxieties and fears.

16) CPN will support Lilian & family when they fly from OZ to Brazil.

Creating a Positive New Reality:

17) ‘Back to Center’ Column gives free support for people struggling.

18) Art exhibition shows how we can use our passion and talents to help.

19) Jesus said no to lockdown with 1 message on how we change reality.

20) So many answering destiny’s call to help create a better world.

How do you feel reading this news?

Positive emotions optimise our ability to think, feel, heal and act in order to create a beautiful post-Covid future.

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