Vaxx Passports Are Now Required in Cafes, Restaurants and on Public Transport Services Across France

Vaxx Passports Are Now Required in Cafes, Restaurants and on Public Transport Services Across France

By Gold Coast Review

Vaccine passports are now required in cafes, restaurants, and public transport services across France. Even hospital visits can be limited to only those who present vaccination passports.

So how are the people of France reacting? According to the mainstream media narrative, although there was a lot of resistance via protest, the passport is still popular because it allows for life to return to “normal”.

However, is there another side to the story the media is not showing you? Spending a bit of time on French social media, it becomes apparent that all may not be as it seems. The protest movement is ongoing and has also morphed into boycotts of business & services by the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

There appears to be a more universal agreement amongst the vaccinated and unvaccinated that these types of mandates and requirements to participate in society is dystopian and repugnant to the French way of life.

Here’s what others had to say:

Denise Harrison
I’m glad that people are making a stand.
I know this is going to hurt the business but if they don’t, it will get much worse

Susie Boscarato
If this is the way it’s headed, I won’t be eating or drinking out ever again! I’m not going to go out only to be hassled by cops wanting to look at my details in my phone. F**k that!

Thierry d’Argent
People in France are calling for the boycott of “terasses”, restaurants and any businesses that imposes the health pass. They hope that the reaction from these business owners towards the government will force the latter to review the law that has been passed by the constitutional council and make it void.

Gayle Loader
I am not having the vaccine for health reasons. I am terrified I will not be able to see my two sons as they live interstate and these crazy State Governments will only let vaccinated people into their state.

Karen Piefke
The police are busy checking passports and not actually doing the job they were hired to do. What a joke.

Kim Howe
Real Rukshan people are already boycotting businesses, many of us refuse to go to places who stand over you to QR code, question you for not wearing a mask etc. I will go out of my way, go to the next town, not to be hassled by staff and other shoppers. I will only support any local business that doesn’t impose on my rights, even if that means I go without. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went into a big chain store.

Dominic Sculli
There’s nothing above board with the so-called governments of today…..
They have sold out the people & the people will fight back any & every means possible at their disposable…
So remember …. in battle there are always causalities on both sides….
I will not accept giving up my freedom & privacy to allow any fukin government to implement tyranny….

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