Alberta Premier Jason Kenney Talks About the Great Reset

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney Talks About the Great Reset

By Bacontrees

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Sarah Davis
Schwab sounds like the ultimate cult leader if he’s been able to convince leaders on a global scale to inflict these measures on their own citizens… Extremely disturbing, especially in modern times.

Kevin Aronyk
Wow!!!!! thank you Mr. Kenny for speaking so openly and candidly about this extremely important subject which our media and a very substantial group of our alleged elected officials all advocate ,but are very reluctant to talk about.This is a defining moment not only for Canada ,but the whole world ,as Klaus says himself ,”By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy” Thank you for being a sober voice amongst all the madness.

Sybil Fawlty
Premier Kenney, you are the first politician I have heard telling out loud that the ‘Emperor is not wearing any clothes’! Thank you for your brave stance and hopefully the other politicians will join you and this whole deck of cards will collapse very soon. People have had enough with the deception and tyranny perpetrated by (Santa) Klaus, Gate$ and their lackeys.

GI Electric
Well said.
Too bad he’s the only guy with a brain in politics.
Come on BC, follow Alberta’s lead on this one.

The people in my life are telling me I’m crazy for talking about this. I know I’m not not wrong.

couch photography
Well finally, Kenney said something sensible. He just went up in my estimation.

Now that the sheeple are good and scared, our Lords and Masters at Davos will be able to sell us on anything that suits them.

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