Joe Rogan Reacts to New Epstein Information

Joe Rogan Reacts to New Epstein Information

By The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Joe Rogan Reacts to New Epstein Information


Here’s what others had to say:

M’Lisa Harpool
ZERO and I mean NO halfway decent lawful facility would allow an inmate to have this much stuff in their cell… and certainly not for anyone who has been or is suicidal.
In all my years, I’ve never seen broken bones like that, from that particular act of suicide. The whole situation stinks to high heaven, which tells me he was murdered or he’s been delivered into Protective Custody of some sort.

Michael Calvert
Joe they are getting away with it….. we need people in your position with the connections to expose all of them.

Ronnie Cole
Everything points to murder instead of suicide. Out of all the stuff Rogan has said that he should qualify with a “hey I said so but don’t know” this is one he shouldn’t.

Colin Palmer
Sorry, way too many inconsistencies to even believe for a second that he killed himself. Anyone who believes he killed himself probably still believes c0vid is the plague.

Jim Carr
The government is full of evil and he had the goods on them.

Shannon D Workman
You could have a room full of 9 year olds examining this situation and they’d come away he was murdered.

Monica Lynn Shoemaker
I don’t think he’s dead we have witness protection for a reason…and it’s not for us truly.

Josh Ebert
He must have been doing the entire jails laundry in his room that day.

Tatm Clehw
If he was on a suicide watch he wouldn’t have a single jumpsuite let alone 9. He would be in a non-tear smock with maybe a non tear mattress or pad to sleep on thats it. Also he would be on low single bed thats bolted to the ground not a bunk bed that he could try to nose dive off of. Theres a shit ton of suspect stuff here.

Mike Woodward
They didn’t THINK they could get away with it. They KNEW they could get away with it, and they have done so.

Jeremy Salazar
They weren’t trying to get away with it. They had a problem that needed to be eliminated and they enticed goons that can also be eliminated upon need to get it done.

Wade Quinton Music
Joe I love you man but why in God’s green earth are you wearing a lie? Come on seriously…you think the world is round, spinning at 66,600 mph around the sun and we’ve been to the moon. You’re a research guy…I get it though I was decieved for 50 some odd years too until I did some reality checks and found out that we’ve been lied to for decades. Good news is the truth always comes out so I know soon the world will open their blind eyes to the lies. God save America.

James Turner
There would have never been a bunch of jumpsuits in the cell with him. Correction facilities are constantly trying to prevent infestations.

Brian Wurster
No way an extreme narcissist like Epstein killed himself. He had the goods on many bigs and he was oozing with arrogant confidence.

Josh Herald
It’s all coming to and end and they all will pay for what they have done this world you think is great is the biggest joke and trick you’ll ever see.

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