SItuation Update – USA Domestic Food Production Now Collapsing As Fertilizer Runs Out

SItuation Update – USA Domestic Food Production Now Collapsing As Fertilizer Runs Out

By Health Ranger Report

When the USA and NATO countries engaged in economic warfare against Russia by de-platforming Russian banks from the SWIFT system in March, it set off a chain reaction of world events that will lead to global famine and food scarcity panic. Fertilizer and the natural gas used to manufacture fertilizer are now in short supply around the world. Many prominent food producers such as India have turned to export bans (food protectionism) to secure their own domestic supplies, worsening global food scarcity. Rising fuel costs have only added to the problems, resulting in far higher costs of farm inputs across the world.


Dr. Pam
LOL….Your story about mounting a tractor tire is so funny. When I first met my husband, part of the attraction was not only his engineering, rocket scientist brain but his ability to fix things. Within the first several months of our relationship, he mounted a tractor tire exactly how you described! It was awesome! He has never disappointed me with his ability to fix things and his problem-solving skills! We’ve designed and built multiple sub-irrigated, self-filling, off grid ready garden beds and they are thriving in the hot desert! I”m so blessed!

Laura Thompson Thompson
Please do a podcast on lower back pain and eliminating that pain. That would be a blessing for me and I am sure many others!

Your comments on the Orth surgery are very true. I know so many people that are worse off as a result of the surgeries and the doctors are of little help after they cut the patient open. Its so sad and predictable.

Bob Heigh
There must be a ton of cattle farmers etc. who would be glad to get rid of their ‘fertilizer’. Someone is welcome to clean out my coops and keep the manure. …………..peggy

Andrew Smart
they have been trying to wreck aussie farmers for some years,covidvaxx was just the beginning of war on the people,they want to kill or at least enslave us,no fucking way,i will fight them to the last

HA! I wish farmland would come down in price. No one is selling their farmland. Same goes for affordable small homes and rentals. The only real estate crash i can see is a crash in the prices of mansions, mini mansions and vacation resort rentals

Dawnie Rotten
Mike…..repeat after me…..”I AM DELUSIONAL!”. SO!… ‘hope’ that the Ukraine military (aka ACTUAL NAZIS) is going to ARREST their puppet leader??? L…..M….F….A….O!!!!!
Nazis gonna BE NAZIS!! They will ‘die with their boots on’, rather than give up to Russia. NAZIS HATE Russia! And, as long as ‘the west’ keeps SUPPORTING these NAZIS……don’t hold your breath!

Dawnie Rotten
Mike… really need to start buying your Avocado’s frozen!! Or, freeze them yourself. Take a trip ‘south of the boarder’……buy a ‘truck load’ of Avo’s……come home and FREEZE them! lol

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