Tom Cruise and the Leaked Video That Reveals That He’s a Prisoner

Tom Cruise and the Leaked Video That Reveals That He’s a Prisoner

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The actor has spent the last 30 years wrapped up in mysteries. They claim that he’s abandoned his wives and children after entering a secret group, but a video has just changed everything. An apparent award ceremony revealed that Tom Cruise had apparently been asking for help for a long time, and no one had noticed on time.

Here’s what others had to say:

Hamera Tahir
😂🤣 what rubbish! Cruise can walk away from this any time he wants to. He has so much money, he can buy his way out! no one is trapped. They’re all brain washed!

Paula Smiley
I’ve boycotted his movies a long time ago because the money he makes off of them goes straight to the church!

Ashlee Taylor
Scientology is bat poo coo coo!!!!!! I’m very fascinated by it b/c it is so nuts! The way they treat the children/members is sick! It is a very profitable cult!!!!! I wish Leah Remini would do another season of Scientology: and the aftermath!!!!!!

Jennifer Fisher
After seeing Leah reminis episodes on Netflix recently you quickly can see where cancel culture got its roots. What’s happening to people in the public eye and being cancelled so quickly without any full truths is what Scientology does best.

Julie Gibbon
I think they have stuff on him , might be his sexuality , he can’t leave they will leak it to the world , every thing he’s said will be recorded

Terri Bentivegna
If he wanted out, he’d get out. He likes to control everything. He probably has plans to become their supreme leader or whatever. No respect for him. He lost 2 lovely wives because he is so deep in the cult, and they didn’t let him or the cult control … See more

Christine DesJarlais
Such evil by a cult who only believes in separating children from their parents if a parent disagrees with their parents love of family and happiness ! Tom remained silent which is the destroyers fatal flaw

Susan Nielsen
I have few prejudices. Immense dislike of Scientology, as well as Tom Cruise is one of them.

Yvonne Jackson Ballaera
The cult of scientology has wrecked many families.. but you only get to hear about the stars. Look into the regular people who were duped bankrupted and families ripped apart. It’s truly tragic that people fall for this BS

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