What They’re Not Telling You?

What They’re Not Telling You?

The next steps are laid out…we know the playbook of the globalists & transhumanists. The question is – WHAT CAN WE DO? Can we stop it? Can we change it? And if yes – how?

Here’s what others had to say:

Gator BM2 Sailor
My wife passed away 1year ago now, she was very clear on where they are trying to take us! She spent her adult life studying and educating anyone willing to hear the truths! I thank God I took the opportunity to learn from her. We must educate ourselves and invest in our future! Bless you all!

Free human
I’m on board with everything you said. I’d like to just add that it’s very important that the knowledge of their plans should not fill us with fear as it has a potential to do so. Just because they have their vision and plan doesn’t mean that they will succeed.
Don’t put away your vision for tomorrow. Jean is absolutely right. Don’t waste time on trying to convince others of what is truly going on or to wake them up. Be the change you want to see. Be the human being you want to be surrounded with. It can be very infectious. Hate and fear may easily spread but so does love and compassion. No matter what happens don’t lose that greater vision for yourself and all of humanity. There sure will be holes and bumps on the way but don’t lose your target out of your sight and we will be victorious. I just know that. Even if they get their dystopia work to some degree they will go down. I believe in humanity, I believe in our amazing potential and I know we can do this family.

rio angel
A lot of people retain the fear of each crisis as it passes and it builds up until it grinds them down to nothing.

Jimmy Beavis
“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they were fooled.” — Mark Twain

post script
I wish more Americans knew more about history. NATO is very culpable in this Ukraine/Russia war.

Commander Joy
Jean, most people do not take the time to slog through the actual documents put out by agencies, governments, etc., as you seem to have done. It would be very valuable to have access to a compiled list of these documents for people to do their own research and confirm what otherwise is too easily labeled as conspiracy theory. If you have this list, or know of one already compiled, could you please offer a link? Let’s shine a light on the actual information in the public arena so we can see the pattern clearly.

Deb S
Exactly, conflicts all over. All we get is the same old narrative. If the mainstream says it, I look the other way. Thank you for all your inspiration.

You put into words what many of us have observed but couldn’t express.

The conspiracy is not a theory; it’s a fact! Thank you so much for your dedication to waking up other people. Dedication is the practice of love.

Original source: https://youtu.be/EiprM5jF3-A

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