An Apology to the People of Serbia and Novak Djokovic

An Apology to the People of Serbia and Novak Djokovic

By Craig Kelly

An apology to the people of Serbia and Novak Djokovic.

No one should be discriminated against based upon their COVID injection status.

Here’s what others had to say:

Orkhan B.
I’m really proud of Novak and how he exposed the rotten world system in this incident. With his money and fame, he could have easily “purchased” a vaccine passport (like many other athletes did), and had no trouble playing in the tournament at all. However, he CHOSE to stand up for his beliefs, for human right, for freedom, and this is admirable.
It’s a huge disgrace for Australia to treat the greatest player of all times this way. And this whole situation with Voracova who already played in in Australia last week and was detained a week later, is a joke.
At least there are good people in Australia who know how to apologize for their country. God bless

I hope that the world see this as something coming from the political tyrants of the nation and not the people.
I honestly hope this can be resolved ASAP for everyone’s sake.

Melissa Dryland
An apology is needed for every person who has chosen not to be part of this injections medical trial. One is needed, also, to the people who were forced (via job loss etc) into taking part against their will. May what is happening to Novak be what is needed to end medical tyranny and segregation in Australia and the rest of the world.

Mirche M
Lepo je da postoji neko ko se STIDI odluka vlasti AU I izvinjava se zbog siledzijskog ponasanja prema nasem Noletu.Ipak nikada necemo zaboraviti prljave rabote I necasno ponasanje.Novak potice iz zemlje hrabrog slobodoljubivog naroda, sa bogatom slavnom istorijom- zemljom junaka.Takav castan slobodan human I najveci JUNAK je nas NOLE. Ne zaboravite to

Angelo Taranto
Craig Thank you for not being a politician but being a human first. You are correct and I have seen similar real life statistics amongst friends and family in Australia. We don’t need to see false data coming from Australian media to see what is actually going on.

Alfie and Me
Please Mr Djokovic and people of Serbia, accept my deepest apologies for this DISGRACEFUL behaviour of our Australian government. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed to be an Australian at this time. My grandfathers fought for the freedoms of Australia……they must be rolling in their graves.
Shame on those who think they rule us !

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