I Can Say No. The Biosecurity Act 2015

I Can Say No. The Biosecurity Act 2015

By Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. – AVN

Here is the flyer I mentioned in my live this morning. Please print this out and carry it with you everywhere. Also share it as far and as wide as you can. Print copies out and hand them to others – do it in black and white to save money.


Here’s what others had to say:

Tali Phillips
Thank you for this
I sent this to someone yesterday^ and they said it’s now been changed. Is this still relevant and correct in 2021?

Krissy Simonee
Does this mean if someone has self-isolated in hotel quarantine for 2 weeks they do not need to pay?

Simone Elise Herberte
I have heard that it is best not to cite the biosecurity act in case they do in fact get an order against you using the biosecurity act… If they do this then they can force jab and all sorts of things… We have other laws on our side without having to resort to the biosecurity act.

Joy Bells
Meryl thank you for sourcing & sharing this information – so much appreciated.

Vicki Economou
Thank you for making us aware of our rights. Unlike the US this has been deliberately left out of our school curriculum.

Diana Ferguson
If this is that ACT in 2015, how can it have reference to covid 19. Has this been manipulated?
Just asking?

Natalia Trajkovska
I read the biosecurity act.. as a student doing an admin medical business course.. it goes into the privacy act.. confidentiality act…

Roslyn Taylor
What’s interesting is this Biosecurity Act is dated 2015 but references Covid-19??

Anna Maddalena
Yes we have been circulating flyers at the moment.. I have a copy its unlawful everything wht the government is doing to us…
Very shortly there will be some announce ments… which will be devasting to all.

Original source: https://www.facebook.com/1594559574167102/posts/3173412439615133/

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