Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall Was a Disaster

Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall Was a Disaster

By Donald Trump Jr.


Here’s what others had to say:

Of course, Biden is a disaster because he is a fraud and so is this administration.

JRB is like trying to listen to a 3 year old talk. Actually, 3 year olds are more intelligent.

We let the government get stronger then we the people ! AND NEED TO FIX IT.

We were never supposed to allow them this much power! There are steps to be taken but who among us is actually willing to do that.

I just can’t watch this dementia paid puppet fool any longer, he is a disgrace, a SELL OUT and ANTI AMERICAN PRO TERRORIST

Meanwhile, he continues orchestrating the illegal invasion of your Country, illegitimately.

Any journalist who ignores this isn’t a journalist, they are a state propagandist. All of the MSM who isn’t questioning his obvious mental decline is the enemy of the people.

‘Why can’t… you know… the experts… blood sucking… improved… the last time… get vaccinated.’ Anyone that voted Biden that listened to that word salad town hall that isn’t in full “holy sh*t what did I vote for” mode is so brainwashed they might as well be a Democrat automaton.

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