Rest of the World ‘Increasingly Thinks’ Australia Has ‘Lost the Plot’: Panahi

Rest of the World ‘Increasingly Thinks’ Australia Has ‘Lost the Plot’: Panahi

Facebook Post By Sky News Australia

Sky News host Rita Panahi says the rest of the world is increasingly thinking Australia has “lost the plot”.

Here’s what others had to say:

Brett Moore

They need to keep the fear going so they can keep their STATE OF EMERGENCY powers. Once they lose them they are stuffed.

Maria Vasil
Hi Rita clearly we are being run by a bunch of lunatics. Can you look into a party held in Maroubra where 60 people attended and there were 15 Covid cases, yet the Eastern suburbs has not been shutdown. And also,look into the deaths of students after receiving the Pfizer vaccination.

Shell Az
Australia’s government has sold its citizens. Only a huge rebellion will break you from the system your leaders have sold you into.

Kayla Hanna
When two NSW HSC students are killed in a government authorised vaccination program where there are no parents allowed and it doesn’t make front page news, we are officially living in a dictatorship. #FreeAustralia

Lesley Moss
I am not an Australian so maybe I shouldn’t comment!However as an outside observer it does strike me that the worst offending Premiers are the Queen Cane Toad of Queensland, “ I stand with Dan” the puffed up dictator of Victoria and the self appointed Emperor of Western Australia.They were all voted in by the citizens of their states!You the people voted them in !Perhaps in the next election you will think more before you vote.Socialism is just a friendlier sounding word for Communism and it is a step in the direction of permanent dictatorship.

Suzy Horvat
It’s like living in a bad dream…..But even in dreams you eventually wake up….

David Mundy
Australians are in trouble with only these two clowns ScoMo and Albanese to chose from..
Get rid of the two party preferred system..

VIN Number Locations
Yep started down a path unable to admit they were wrong, eventually that = tyranny

Maria Zirouni
That is disgusting to kill those poor dogs to prove a point ! So heartless – and shows their twisted mindset! Can’t listen to or watch this stuff anymore . This is not the Australia I grew up in ! Not the lucky country anymore.

Paula Tawaf Andrade
We r a laughing stock
Anxiety is rife and no one cares
I’m so sad

Tom Yvonne Ansley
Should be charged with cruelty to animals. No excuse for taking that action . Hope someone names those responsible. Where is the RSPCA, what are they doing about it.

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