Ron DeSantis 2022 CPAC Speech

Ron DeSantis 2022 CPAC Speech

By News 19 WLTX

CPAC2022 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at the 2022 CPAC Conference on February 24, 2022 where he criticized President Joe Biden The event was held in Orlando, Florida.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Sid Mcgee
All this while his wife is battling cancer.
Godspeed on her full recovery, watch over him,her,and that little girl.

Jon Booth
The you Governor Ron DeSantis for having the guts to stand up for what is right and fair.

Paul Sherstobitoff
What a great man! So fortunate to have him lead and be governor and a stellar example of sanity in the government.

What an incredible man. Praying for him and his family, especially his wife.

Rob Vinson
This man is a treasure! I would hate to lose him in Florida but he is what our country needs right now.

Incredible speech that hit all of the most important issues on the head. Ron is an amazing orator.

Got to love Ron DeSantis. Canada needs leaders like this man.

Joey Barbosa
I REALLY want to believe in this man. He says and does all the right things. He gives me hope for this country and our future. This man is a gamechanger. I HOPE TO GOD he is for real and not just another politician looking after his own interests. Ron DeSantis could really change the course of this country. This is coming from a former Bernie supporter, left winger turned libertarian.

Catherine O
Thank you Ron for Standing up for Freedom, we need more people like you in this critical time.

Tara Warren
This man is simply amazing and I’m proud to be a born and raised Floridian. He made we Floridians never experience the bs other states had to go through with COVID rules and mandates. Florida IS the best state.

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