The Canadian Government Have Exposed the True Colors of This Global System, a Communist/Socialist Totalitarian Government

The Canadian Government Have Exposed the True Colors of This Global System, a Communist/Socialist Totalitarian Government

By FNQ Businesses United

The big picture
I’m curious to know how many people are aware of the global system behind everything that has happened over the last 2 years.
I have been watching Canada very closely and wondering if/when things are really going to blow up there. The Canadian government have exposed the true colours of this global system, a communist/socialist totalitarian government. This is unprecedented of course, we have never had a global government before. If you look at the behaviour of all governments around the world you will see the trend in all of them. There is no more democracy.
The Canadian government has been forced to expose this by the truckers in that country. All power to the truckers and their supporters. Are you aware that the Canadian government has now blocked around $18 million dollars from flowing to the protestors there? That demonstrates that governments now control the flow of money. That is dictatorship. They have even shut down people’s access to their own bank accounts in that country.
The big picture, while everyone is distracted by the man dates etc, is the digital ID. I need people to see this. Behind the scenes, while everyone is watching over there, governments have installed the digital ID. Have a look at your MyGov account. If you link, or at least start to link your digital world (all digital accounts including fakebook, bank accounts, government accounts like centrelink) to the digital ID they have allocated to you (they didn’t ask if they can do this), government will have absolute control over your life. At the touch of a computer key they will be able to block your life.
I hope people see and understand this. A lot of suffering ahead for anyone who chooses not to accept the digital ID. Absolute control over your life if you do. Rock and a hard place for all of us. And the choice right now comes down to this. You click the link at the top of your MyGov account to link your ID with your account, or you don’t.
I think the absolute majority of people will take the ID, probably 99% for 2 reasons. They will not be aware of the threat that it carries, or they will not be able to face not having access to anything including money. If 90% of the Australian population refused to click that link, we have a chance of blocking it. That is the real protest, and as I said, I doubt 5% of Aussies are aware of this yet. I’ll continue to try and get the message out.
PS, be aware that the UN also has a digital ID system already established and I am certain it will be the same one that the Australian government has allotted to you. Can you see that this is a global system we are at war with?

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